Corporate Health Talk

A comprehensive health talk conducted by Dr. Neil covering common Workplace Injuries, common preventive measures & your preferred Chiropractic related health topic,

followed by Q&A session with the audience. 
(30 mins)

Spinal Screening

Using the latest MyoVision technology, which detects and measures abnormal spinal muscle activity, an individual report will be printed and personally reviewed by our Chiropractors for each attendee.


Our doctors will provide a 1-to-1
evaluation and brief consultation to review
 the printed MyoVision Report.

Frequently Asked Questions for Corporate Health Talks

How much is our Corporate Health Talk?

Our Corporate Health Talk is absolutely FREE*. Our Doctors & team are happy to visit you at the comfort of your office to conduct the Health Talk.

The talk may be conducted in your board room or conference hall and includes a free MyoVison scan + printed report, along with a 1-to-1 evaluation with our doctors.

*For min. 15 attendees and above.

What is the duration of the whole session?

Eg. For a comfortable group of 30 - 40pax size, the whole session will take approximately 2 hours: 3 segments will be covered: 1) FREE Spinal Screening + Printed Report (2mins/pax) Participants will get a MyoVision spinal muscle tension report printed on the spot. Ladies are recommended to wear a 2-piece attire for easy screening of the lower back. 2) FREE Health Talk by Dr Neil (30-45mins) An engaging, fun and informative Chiropractic Health Talk that gives you a deeper understanding and a greater insight on the importance of good spinal health. Let us know your preference and we will cover topics that best suit your interests.

3) FREE 1-to-1 Evaluation with our Doctors (3-5mins/pax) What is more valuable than undivided attention and advice from one of the best Chiropractors? This is the most popular segment that all participants are looking forward to. Participants will have their screening results evaluated & have their spines checked by one of our Chiropractors.

What is the number of participants allowed?

Minimum 12 attendees and there is no limit to the maximum number of attendees, the more the better! However, for the best experience, we would highly recommend a maximum of 40 pax per session within a 2-hour allocated time frame.

What are the available dates/timeslots?

To help us plan better, we have set aside the below golden timings allocated for your easy selection (preferrably 1-2 weeks in advance): Tuesday - Lunch Time [11am –1pm]
Wednesday - Afternoon [2 - 5pm] Friday - Afternoon [2 - 5pm]
If the above slots are not favourable for you, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly do our best to go with your preference.

Setting up at your premise - What do we need?

Our team of professionals are fully equipped to conduct our Health Talk in most office premises; however, it would be helpful if you can provide us with the following:

- 2 desk areas
- 4 chairs - 1 projector - 1 electric point

Will there be any selling involved?

We pride ourselves as a professional Chiropractic service provider and it is our pleasure to answer the burning question that everyone would like to find out; which is the pricing of our services after our insightful Chiropractic Health Talk. Yes selling will be involved, but we leave the decision of buying to every individual. In the event when interested parties would like to utilize our services, we are happy to extend a special 'Event-only' subsidy to your staff.

If I want to make an appointment, would there be a special rate?

We are equally excited to present a highly subsidized rate for all participants to enjoy, should they sign up on the day of the event. This subsidy applies for themselves and/or for their loved ones.

Are you able to provide corporate partnership / membership privileges to my company?

Absolutely! For corporate partnership and amazing perks, please feel free to email our marketing department at

We will get back to you within 12 hours.