Expecting a bundle of joy soon?

Prenatal Chiropractic Care is highly beneficial for expecting mothers to help relieve stress to the body.
At Asia One Chiropractic, we hope to educate and empower expecting mothers to have a holistic and care-free pregnancy through the help of Chiropractic treatments, that are customized

to prepare expecting mothers both mentally and physically for such significant season of their lives. 

Some benefits of

Chiropractic Care before/during/after pregnancy includes: 

  • Controls symptoms of nausea

  • Faster postpartum recovery

  • Balances the pelvis

  • Fewer medical interventions

  • Maintains a healthier pregnancy

  • Reduces time of labour and delivery

  • Relieves back, neck or joint pains

  • Reduces stress hormones produced by the mother

  • Better fetal positioning reduces birth complications

How well you walk into your future depends on how well you stand; how well you stand depends on the health of your spine.

Let us address all your spinal concerns today with Chiropractic.

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