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Spinal Health Screening Package

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Spinal health screening is essential for early detection of degenerative spinal conditions.  Due to the stresses of our modern lifestyles, our spines are predisposed to injury and spinal degeneration.  Therefore, a spinal screening is vital to detecting and identifying underlying potential spinal issues before they develop into a major health problem. 

Our Spinal Health Screening Package gives you a thorough analysis of the condition of your spine, as well as the steps needed to prevent injury and maintain spinal wellness. 


A detailed consultation and examination, full spine X-rays and report of findings will be presented and reviewed with you individually by one of our chiropractors, who will explain your report and provide you with suitable recommendations. 

In this package, we are also including one chiropractic adjustment therapy session, so that you may understand how chiropractic therapy works and introduce you to its benefits.

Spinal Health Screening Package includes:

1) Initial Consultation

2) Full Spine X-Ray

3) Report of Findings Consultation

4) Chiropractic Adjustment 


Total: S$381.60

Understanding the condition of your spine is the first step to the healing process.  This starts with an Initial Consultation and spinal examination.  A thorough examination helps to accurately diagnose the root cause of your problem and determine the best solution.

Our chiropractors have over 40 years of combined chiropractic practice experience helping people to recover from spine-related health disorders and going on to maintain spinal wellness. 

We understand the issues related to poor spinal health and have helped thousands of people recover and enjoy the benefits that come with having a healthy spine.

If you or someone you know is suffering from issues due to poor spinal health, or even if you are just looking to maintain spinal wellness, please visit us for an Initial Consultation with our chiropractors today.  


Initial Consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive Review of Medical History  

  • Postural Analysis

  • Range of Motion Testing

  • Orthopedic Examination

  • Neurological Examination

  • Spinal Palpation Examination

For a more detailed spinal analysis, we recommend our Spinal Health Screening Package, which also includes full spine X-ray analysis.

How well you walk into your future depends on how well you stand; how well you stand depends on how well you sit.

Let us address all your spinal concerns today with Chiropractic.

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